Odyssey Travel's Trip Tips

Take only what you need for your trip- do not over pack. Take less and you will travel cheaper, travel faster, and travel easier.

Research your destination and leave the guidebook at home. Take photos or photocopy the pages that you need. Take time to learn a few useful phrases of the local language. You will learn more if you use a local guide when visiting cultural monuments.

– Avoid carrying a wallet in your back pocket. Carry your purse across your body. Be sure to double check that you haven’t left anything behind when you leave somewhere. 

VVerify your checked bags have the same airport codes as your destination. Find your checked bags easier by making your unique to you.

E Expect the unexpected and embrace it. Sometimes things do not go as planned and your travel will be a lot less stressful if you can go with the flow.

L Leave space in your plans for an impromptu adventure. Sometimes the best memories of a trip are the ones you did not plan. 

Passport Notification

Your passport is required to be valid for 6 months or more after your return to the United States of America for most countries.

Learn more about the country you’re traveling to:

Country Information


For more information and other frequently asked questions about your passport:

Passport FAQ


TSA Pre-Check

Save time and stress by flying with TSA Pre-Check.

Learn more about TSA Pre-Check:

TSA Pre-Check

Unaccompanied Minors

Different airlines have different policies for unaccompanied minors flying.

Find out what American, Delta, Southwest, and United policies are:

American Airlines

Delta Airlines


United Airlines