Travel like a pro: fly through airport security with TSA PreCheck

You have everything in order and are on your way to the airport. But you still have to get through security and the long lines they have been showing on tv are no joke. They are very real.  There is a way to take away some of the pain and speed up this process. Check out this article:  https://blog.alaskaair.com/travel-tips/tsa-pre-check/


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Ody the Odyssey Owl 

"Where's Ody?" Contest 

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Ody is an inveterate traveler "whoooo" totally understands the value of a great travel agent!

He is always up for an adventure and loves going new places and meeting new people. He also really likes having his picture taken in new places.

Ody is somewhat mischievous and likes to make people guess where he is. He will continue to be in different places so be sure and check back to guess where he has gone.

If you submit your answer in the form below as to where Ody is traveling in the following photos and are correct, you will be entered in a drawing to be held at the end of each month. The winning entry will become the proud owner of a handcrafted and numbered Ody who is  most anxious to set out on adventures with you and have his picture taken places you travel..  At the end of the year a drawing will be held from all correct entries.for a grand prize of a $250 gift certificate to be used at Odyssey Travel within one year.

Where is Ody now?  Ody went with Val to an exciting destination. Guess the world-famous site for one entry and the country for an additional entry in the contest.

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